About Us

The Chaoyang network was established in July 28, 2005 as an all around Internet information technology development service provider. Over the past fourteen years, the Chaoyang network has a number of soft ownership proprietary R & D systems, including website computer mobile integrated system, distribution system, cluster system, rental car management software, hotel management software system, public number takeaway system and so on. The powerful senior program engineer development team constantly excavates the functional functions needed in the new field, and makes efforts to maintain the new era of the Internet!

Journal has the impressive rating of 4.9 from more than 2000 ratings.

Journal 3 also comes with fully customizable CSS options with the added possibility of setting each option differently on any breakpoint. This breakthrough feature will greatly enhance your design skills and allow you to create pixel perfect layouts at any screen width.

The new advanced Status mechanism allow you to set up modules and menus based on device, customer login status or customer groups.

98% satisfaction rate within our more than 19,000 customers.

The new Schedule feature allows you to display any module at specific dates in the future, or to disable any module automatically at a certain time and date. Imagine the possibilities and peace of mind...designing your promotional banners or sliders, or entire product modules that only show up on specific dates and are disabled automatically whenever you don't need them anymore. 

These are just a few of the outstanding features available in the new Journal 3 framework, there are so many new options and possibilities that it will takes us a very long time to list them all.

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